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Planning for vacations as a co-parent

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Child Custody

Planning for a vacation with your kids when you are a co-parent with your ex requires careful planning and communication to ensure the experience is enjoyable. The process of organizing such a trip necessitates clear communication and mutual agreement on various aspects of the journey. This includes selecting a destination, deciding on travel dates and mapping out an itinerary.

Documenting these plans through emails or a co-parenting app is a practical step to keep all parties informed and aligned with the agreed-upon arrangements. Consider these points if you’re planning this kind of vacation.

Consider the child’s needs and interests

Incorporating the children’s needs and preferences into the planning ensures the vacation caters to their interests. This inclusive approach makes the trip more enjoyable for the younger travelers and fosters a sense of belonging and involvement. Preparing your children for the trip by discussing what they can expect can help them feel more secure about the trip.

Tips for smooth co-parenting vacation planning

Creating a detailed itinerary that encompasses all aspects of the trip, from flights and accommodations to daily activities, is essential for keeping both parents. These details provide peace of mind and a sense of participation for the parent who may not be traveling. Review your parenting plan to determine when travel is possible. Give yourself a time buffer so you don’t have to rush from picking up the kids to get on the road or hurrying to drop them off right away after returning from vacation.

Maintaining routines during the vacation

While on vacation, it’s important to balance new experiences with maintaining familiar routines, especially for the children. Sticking to regular meal times, bedtimes and other established routines can provide stability and normalcy amidst the excitement of travel.

Staying in contact during the trip

Regular communication between the children and their non-traveling parent through video calls or photo updates allows the family to share experiences and maintain a connection. The contacts should be based on the child’s schedule and ideally agreed upon before the vacation.

Checking your parenting plan for any geographical restrictions or notification requirements regarding vacation is critical. Both parents must uphold the terms of this plan, so fully understanding them is important. Should any disagreements arise, seeking legal guidance is always an option.