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We Are Divorce Attorneys Who Care

Parting ways with a spouse can be a painful chapter in one’s life. The emotional and financial impact can be devastating and hard to move past it. While this chapter of your life comes to an end, it is important to stay strong and focused. You may be eager to end the marriage and take a step forward, but you may come across issues down the line if the divorce is not done right. At Shipley & Swain, due diligence will always be conducted so that no box will go unchecked.

We Have The Experience To Be Your Advocate

Do not feel at a loss. Divorce may mean closing a chapter of your life, but it is not the end. You do not have to face these uncertainties alone. We handle all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Alimony
  • Asset and debt division
  • Child custody and support
  • Child visitation
  • Parenting plans

Our Tennessee attorneys will review your situation and put a plan into place that will not compromise your rights. We know how to manage our time so that the divorce goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible and does not drag on longer than it needs to.

Learn The Divorce Process And Call Now

We have provided legal and emotional support to countless divorcees and you can trust that we will do the same for you. We will make sure to ask the right questions so that you get the most value out of a consultation and walk away knowing your options. We are here to help you start a new life. Call 865-419-0480 or send an email to meet us at our Knoxville office.