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On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Firm News

Life doesn’t stop when there’s a state or federal state of emergency. People still need to file for divorce, modify a parenting plan, modify child support, get an Order of Protection, or deal with some other conflict that impacts the well-being of your family.

But how do you deal with these issues when businesses are closed, most in-person court hearings are canceled, and the CDC is telling you to stay at home for two or more weeks? The answer is simple, you call an experienced Knoxville family law attorney who can adapt to the times. At Shipley & Swain, our attorneys utilize cutting-edge technology to help fix your problems without leaving the house.

The process is simple: first call us at (865) 419-0480 for a free same-day, virtual consultation. Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your situation; explore options; make a plan; and quote you a fair, affordable retainer or flat fee either over the phone or through videoconference. After that, we will send you an electronic contract and link to pay securely online via debit or credit card. Next, we draft your initial documents and send them to you electronically for review. Once you’re happy with them, we will send you a final version, which must be usually be notarized. Traditionally, this means a trip outside the house to a bank or other crowded place to see a notary. At Shipley & Swain, we have partnered with a leading electronic/mobile notary company, which allows you to have your documents notarized from anywhere—including your own home. After your documents are notarized, you return them to us electronically and we file them on your behalf. This process works on any action from a divorce to an emergency custody petition.

Eventually, if you do not have an agreed matter, it is likely that you will have to go to court. (Likewise, you may have to appear in court if you have an agreed divorce outside of Knox County.) However, our attorneys are staying up-to-date on the latest procedures for remote hearings in courts that allow them. Even if you wind up going to court in-person, depending on the subject matter, the hearing may not occur for several weeks.

Our “remote filing” procedures allow you to begin to address nearly any problem your family might face, all while still protecting their health and safety.

Your life doesn’t take a break because of big world events; neither should your lawyer. Call us today for your free consultation.